Systems Programmer Proficiency Test
MVS Environment


  • 35 Test Questions.
  • 50 Minutes to administer.
  • Scored by Telephone.
The SYSPRO is a 35 question multiple-choice choice test that can be administered in 50 minutes.This test was designed primarily to distinguish among systems programmers with varying levels of experience in the MVS Environment. Beyond identifying basic proficiency, SYSPRO may also be used to assess an examinee's knowledge in specific content areas. This provides a basis for determining the "fit" between applicant and specific job requirements.

SYSPRO was designed to measure general knowledge of systems programming. The majority of questions focus on the MVS operating system, and on some critical peripheral areas.

The diagnostic score report is categorized in two ways: 1. Content Areas and 2. Job Specialties.

Content areas include: Debugging Techniques; Installation, Maintenance and System Services; Utilities; System Fine Tuning; Operating System; Software Maintenance; and Software Installation. Job Specialty includes: Operating Systems; DASD Management; Capacity Planning; Data Base; On-line Systems; Applications Support; and Program Products.



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