Basics of Programming III



  • 30 Test Questions.
  • 1 hour to administer.
  • Immediate Phone Scoring.

The Basics of Programming III test (BOP III) is a 30 question test that can be administered within one hour. Clients often use the BOP III test as a hiring tool for candidates whose job experience may differ somewhat from the organization's requirements regarding languages, equipment and systems. This test will assess basic programming skills such as program design, development, testing, and debugging. BOP III may be given alone when basic concepts are of primary importance, or in combination with other tests when specific areas of expertise are required. BOP III may also be used at the end of training to evaluate readiness for job assignment. The individual Diagnostic Score Report, showing content area strengths and weaknesses, is useful for determining job placement and further training needs.

The Basics of Programming III is a language-independent test that measures the fundamental programming skills of experienced or trained programmers from most computer environments. Content areas include: Debugging and Testing; Program Logic; Program Design and Methods; and Data Structure and Manipulation.



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