Berger Aptitude for Programming Test
Advanced Form


  • 25 Test Questions.
  • 2 hours to administer.
  • Scored at Psychometrics
The B-APT AF is an advanced form of the B-APT, covering basic skills, but also measuring some of the more complex skill areas needed in some of today's computing environments. When you need truly outstanding candidates for programmer training, look to the B-APT AF. This test assumes some basic familiarity with programming concepts. Candidates should have had some computer science courses or similar study or experience. The test is also commonly used to select from the COBOL programming group those to be trained in newer languages and technologies such as client server, C++, Java, Visual Basic, or C language.The B-APT AF is a job-related tutorial test and requires the examinee to learn a language resembling some of today's more advanced programming languages. To answer the test questions, the examinee must analyze program specifications, write coded instructions to a hypothetical computer, and apply the language rules to increasingly complex practical situations.

The B-APT AF is composed of 25 questions which require the examinee to write short program segments in the B-APT AF's own simplified programming language. The total time to administer the test is 2 hours.





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