• 30 Test Questions.
  • 1 hour to administer.
  • Immediate Phone Scoring.

The COBOL Form IV is a 30 question multiple-choice test that requires 1 hour to administer.

The COBOL Form IV may be used for any application or environment where the COBOL language is in use. This test may be administered alone or with other tests when additional skills are required. The COBOL test is often given with the Basics of Programming test to assess a candidate's specific COBOL skills along with general programming skills.

The COBOL Form IV test reflects the vast input of users from around the country and of COBOL subject matter experts to create a fully updated measure of COBOL programming skills. Content areas include Data Description and Handling, Tables, COBOL Statements and Operations, Conditional Statements and Logic, and Programming Organization / Maintenance.



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