• 25 Test Questions.
  • 50 Minutes to administer.
  • Scored by Telephone.

The OS JCL test is a 25 question multiple-choice test that can be administered in 50 minutes. The test was designed to measure knowledge of OS JCL in the IBM environment, the test is applicable for the MVS Operating System (OS/VS2 Release 2 and subsequent releases), System/360, System/370. 303X Series and 4300 Series, as well as other systems, since new releases seldom change existing JCL.

This test is an important assessment tool whenever JCL is part of the job description, and is often given in conjunction with other tests. The OS JCL test has proved to be useful in a wide variety of industries, including Insurance, Financial, Utility, and Communications DP facilities.

Content areas include: OS Concepts, Libraries, Generation Data Groups, Unit Record Data Sets, Flow of Control, Data Set Operations (TAPE), Data Set Operations (DASD), Catalogued Procedures and Type of JCL Statements-Syntax.




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