IBM 360/370 Proficiency Test

  • 30 Test Questions.
  • 75 Minutes to administer.
  • Scored by Telephone.

The IBM 360/370 Assembler is 30 question multiple-choice which requires 75 minutes for administration. The Assembler test is appropriate for any DP environment where IBM360/370 Assembly language is in use. Two seperate forms are available: the standard Assembler test, which does not assume any EQUate listing is in effect, and an alternative form of this test, Form "E", which does assume use of EQUate.

Test items require an understanding of the relationships of standard IBM 360/370 Assembly language to machine language and data representation. Users periodically review the content to help keep the test up to date. Content areas include: Logic Routines, Binary Arithmetic, Assembler Instructions and Machine Instructions.



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