Berger Aptitude for Programming Test

B-APT Form D 

  • 30 Test Questions.
  • 1 hour, 15 minutes to administer.
  • Scored at Psychometrics

The B-APT has become the DP trainee selection instrument of choice at many Fortune 500 corporations, governmental agencies, and foreign companies. Organizations use the B-APT primarily to identify high aptitude candidates for programmer training. The examinee need have no prior experience in programming, and those with some experience gain no advantage over the inexperienced. The tutorial, which uses a hypothetical language, equates the potential of the inexperienced with the experienced.

The B-APT is designed so that talented examinees with no programming background can understand the test's programming language and use it to solve the problems. It is a work sample test in which the examinee writes coded instructions to a "computer" in a logical sequence to carry out program specifications. The examinees must apply the rules of coding, looping, incrementing and branching as they write short programs in the test booklet. They must also be able to demonstrate "adaptive flexibility" by applying the language rules to progressively more complex problem requirements.

The B-APT is composed of 30 questions which require the examinee to write short program segments in the B-APT's own simplified programming language. The total time to administer the test is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The B-APT is also available in braille and Enlarged versions for the visually impaired.



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