Raymond M. Berger, Ph.D.

Ray Berger, Ph.D. is a measurement psychologist. He has taught classes in statistics, industrial psychology, and research methods in the Psychology and Public Administration Departments at the University of Southern California where he was an Associate Professor. Dr. Berger's primary research interest and activity has been in the aptitudes of high level personnel. He has served as a consultant to many organizations, including the RAND corporation and the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS). The Office of Naval Research and the Naval Command Systems Support Activity have funded computer personnel projects headed by Dr. Berger. These projects led to sponsorship, by the AFIPS Committee on Professional Standards, of industry-wide job analyses for computer programmers and systems analysts. The recognition of this work led to his appointment to the chairmanship of two National Bureau of Standards committees concerned with establishing valid job descriptions and requirements.

Dr. Ray Berger directs test development and special projects at Psychometrics I.T. Tests.



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