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Psychometrics I.T. Tests is a test development and research organization specializing in tests designed for the selection and evaluation of high level personnel primarily in Information Technology fields. Services to clients since 1970 include job analyses, test construction and validation, and workshops in personnel research.

Our tests are commonly used as predictive, valid, and powerful pre-employment screening instruments for applicants for programming positions. Many vendors market tests without bothering to perform validation studies to ensure the tests actually predict success in training. Unlike most testing vendors, Psychometrics Inc. stands behind all of its tests when used properly. We devote a tremendous amount of time, energy and expertise to ensure our tests will help our clients select only the very best programmers or candidates for programmer training.

Our clients include major organizations in banking, insurance, communications, data processing, manufacturing, and transportation. We provide complete evaluation services for assessing the IT skills of job candidates and on-board personnel. Our clients use our tests as pre-employement screens to ensure they're hiring the highest caliber of programmer and programmer trainees available.

We do not provide self-assessment tests to individuals. Our tests are to be used solely by corporate HR and IS departments as pre-employment or pre-training selection instruments. There are no study guides available for any of our tests. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Psychometrics I.T. Tests tests are of two types: Aptitude Tests for selecting trainees, and Proficiency Tests to identify those with the desired level of technical ability prior to hiring, placement, or promotion. Our job-related aptitude tests have high predictive validity whether or not the candidate has prior programming experience.

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For information on how to contact Psychometrics I.T. Tests, you can click here, phone us at (702) 476-6310, FAX us at (866) 827-7675 or e-mail us at information@psy-test.com.



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